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Welcome to our first newsletter. We’ll be sending out occasional news which we hope you’ll enjoy.  If you are planning an event, do telephone us for a no-obligation preliminary chat on 01473 734017.

Five good reasons to work with Inspired Event Management

If you have ever been landed with the task of planning a corporate event for your company, or been through the long and stressful process of planning a family wedding or special birthday party for a large number of guests, you will know that the whole procedure can be very stressful!  Avoid the many pitfalls, enjoy the months of planning and, even more importantly, the end result, and employ an experienced event manager!

Five reasons for employing Inspired Event Management include:

MANAGING THE BUDGET: Understandably you need to allocate the budget wisely.  The essentials must be booked, but you’ll also want to include quirky extras and additional WOW factors to help make it even more memorable!  A good event planner will keep budget spreadsheets throughout the months of planning and advise on allocating your budget.  Although an event management company will charge an hourly or fixed fee, this is often compensated through ‘trade’ discounts which are then passed onto the client.

KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE: Enjoy meeting with your event company; their wisdom and ideas gained over many years of creating successful events will inspire you to be even more creative; incorporate braver colours, hire in more exciting furniture and props, book mind-blowing entertainment designed to leave your guests exhilarated.

AVOIDING STRESS: Enjoy the planning process; communications with your event company either on the telephone or on site should be inspirational and enjoyable.  They should put your mind at rest that you are ‘on track’ for a successful event and through providing on going schedules and timelines will ease your conscience so that when the day in question arrives you are feeling positive and relaxed.

TIME: Detailed event planning can take the equivalent of many days or weeks.  Whilst you may feel up for the challenge, without any previous experience much of this time will be spent researching suppliers.  Use a professional company to help and they will put you in touch with tried and tested professional contractors with the appropriate insurance and Health & Safety credentials.

ON THE DAY:  With a good event management company, you will be freed up from many ‘last minute’ jobs and able to spend your time more fruitfully, entertaining clients, looking after family, friends or even getting ready yourself!  If there is a technical hitch during the event, it will be resolved and more often than not you will not even be aware of it until later, if at all.
If your computer breaks down, you book an expert to fix it; if you wish to build a house, you employ an architect to draw up plans.  If you are planning an important one-off event – employ a professional event planner and enjoy the whole experience.

Inspired Event Management has been assisting clients throughout East Anglia, London and Southern England, for over twenty years.  The company is managed by Jenny Loyd who gained an additional ten years’ experience working in some of London’s top hotels, private households and outside catering companies prior to setting up Inspired Event Management.  Contact us now on 01473 734017 for help with planning corporate dinners and events, private parties at venues and in marquees, bespoke weddings, or for tailor-made projects such as festivals, conferences or hostessing corporate groups in the UK.

A timber-framed barn is transformed into a night club.

Using a range of East Anglian contractors we transformed this rural barn into an atmospheric nightclub with a Las Vegas casino theme for an 18th birthday party; LED lit poseur tables, acrylic perspex bar stools, massive oversized dice, an ‘Ibiza’ style disco and light show hosted from the mezzanine of the barn and gold and black drapes.  Cocktails, a vodka luge and casino tables kept the guests entertained until the early hours.

An unusual stretch tent with contemporary rattan chill out furniture, LED lanterns on dimmers, and silver birch trees throughout made for a memorable wedding for an International bride and groom.