American Company celebrates move to new offices with an English Fete Party!

When an American company approached me, wishing to celebrate their move to brand new offices here in the UK, with an English Garden Fete themed party – I was delighted to assist!  

I love getting creative, and inspiring my clients with ideas of what can be achieved, and especially so when it was going to require seriously organised logistics to set up in their offices whilst they still did a full day’s work, quite apart from getting all supplier personnel and vehicles cleared through entry security AND at the other end of the evening, to de-rig and leave the offices ready for the next working day, as if nothing had happened!

The client kindly provided an office floorplan, to scale, and I made numerous site visits as well.  Quite apart from physically organising the party, an event such as this requires one to reassure the client, who quite possibly has no concept of hosting a momentous occasion, as to what was going to happen, and that it would all be a success, allowing them to circulate and network with guests on the night.  As with all events I organise, I produced, and circulated to all concerned, a Schedule of Timings several weeks in advance, which clarified all set up procedures and timings minute by minute and acts as a useful aide memoire both for myself as well as all contractors involved with the event.

Branded company bunting was made to order and my team installed this throughout the offices and balconies.  A pianist played English fete ‘honky tonk’ music, a florist provided some beautiful flowers in company colours (royal blue and fuchsia pink), which she had grown locally in her cutting garden.

Ten fete games were set up inside the offices ranging from a Coconut Shy, Hook-a-Duck, Test of Strength, a Bowling Alley, Racing Horses, to name but a few.  Blackboard scoreboards and prizes were allocated and at the end of the speeches and opening ‘cutting of the ribbon’ ceremony, winners were announced!

In true Fete style, as well as a range of canapés, a belated ‘Afternoon Tea’ was served with vintage china plates and teacups – although it must be said a few guests preferred the wine and beer options!

Guests were presented with individual cakes – AKA fondant fancies – in the shape of the company logo, upon their departure and the evening was deemed to have been a huge success with photos being circulated throughout their American offices!

If we can help you plan a corporate celebration, tailor-made to suit your occasion and budget, and incorporating your branding and any other personal requirements, please do get in touch now by emailing or calling 0775 262 3483.


All images by Pearl Pictures @pearl_pictures_photography

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